“7k is the future of quality and prudent filmmaking. …the perfect template for affecting, performance driven storytelling.” - Timothy Busfield

How It Works

Screw Crowdfunding

We seriously loathe asking people for money. We loathe it with a deep and abiding passion. So what if you could make a movie on a shoe-string budget and you didn’t have to ask for a single solitary dime?

Make the movie you can

We don’t believe in waiting to be discovered. We do believe in getting out there and making the movie you can with the resources you have. No alien invasions, no epic set pieces. Just something human.

On time, on budget

We’re giving filmmakers $7k and one year to make a feature film. We know that’s not your dream budget – to which we say, tough luck. If Shane Carruth can make a Sundance-worthy film on $7k, maybe you can too.


It's pretty basic. We're looking for three things:

  • A track record of making high quality films on shoe-string budgets. Send us screeners, a link to your Vimeo, or whatever else you think proves the point.
  • A great treatment for a feature film, plus 10-20 finished pages of your script.
  • A letter and materials which describe how you will make this film on a $7k budget. Send whatever you think is appropriate. This is your chance to explain how to plan to shoot anything in the script which appears to cost a lot of money. Have access to an amazing location for free, or a legion of extras willing to work for peanuts? Here is the chance to tell us stuff like that.


How we'll be making our decision:

  • Quality of the story & treatment/script (MUST be producible on a $7k budget) - 50%
  • Demonstrated low-budget storytelling chops (work samples, sizzle reel, short film proof of concept, etc.) - 40%
  • Our own assessment of the marketability of the project - 10%

Everyone Who Applies Will Get:

Top Level Script Feedback

We’ve been there. You send your script around, whether it’s to a contest, a festival, or a producer, and into the void it goes. We hate that. That’s why we promise to give the first 25 applicants top-level feedback on their script. Our advisory board has been chosen in part specifically for their skill at giving useful comments, so expect to hear back from us whether or not you win the grant.

Unprecedented Access

Whoever wins won’t just be making a film. We’ll be opening up their process in a way rarely scene in detail, like an uber Case Study in indie filmmaking. Everyone who applies for the grant will get to see how the winner actually executes, including detailed budgets, agreements with cast & crew, access to the filmmakers, and insights into how they were able to pull it all off.

The Finished Film, Of Course

Everyone who applies will get a finished digital copy of the film for their library. What’s the use in taking you through the process of making it if you never get to see what the finished product looks like, right? Think of it sort of like signing up for Project Greenlight: the finished film will be released, and you’ll get to see it for free (and to contemplate whether you could’ve done better!)

Advisory Board

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